It’s snowing. Here are five things you need to do.*

We don’t get many of these days, so we need to make the most of them. Hopefully before the first snowflake touched the ground you already had your bread and milk, not to mention S’more stuff and ingredients for snow cream. In case of power outage (some icing is expected with the winter weather) congrats on getting the percolator for your coffee and the firewood you have stacked outside your door.

Have a snowball fight
This should go without saying, but don’t put it off and miss the opportunity. We get, what, maybe two snow events each winter?

Make snow cream
A staple of the South almost as much as pecan pie. The recipe linked earlier will do, although it seems everyone has their own way of making it.

Play a game that doesn’t require batteries
You can only watch so many movies with your kids. Break out checkers or chess, Candyland, Monopoly, or a deck of cards. It’ll be so cool it’s retro.

Catch up on your reading
Do you have a book or two or three you’ve been meaning to get around to? You probably won’t finish three books, no, but maybe you can start reading one of them in earnest. This includes, obviously, your Bible.

Go for a walk
Take the opportunity to hike around your neighborhood. There’s a different kind of silence created by a snowfall. Use it as a chance to pray for those requests we tend to let slip from our attention. Highly recommended: don’t take your phone.

*Assuming you’re not called in to work. Emergency responders, doctors, law enforcement, and the like don’t take breaks. They can’t for our safety. If that’s your case, thanks and stay safe.


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