When wanderng eyes remain too long …  on your phone

It’s becoming (already become)?) something of an epidemic. We love our phones and technology, perhaps a bit too much and to the point of damaging our relationships with those around us. Family, friends, co-workers, bosses – they all see you catching a glimpse at that updated score or new batch of Twitter posts and wonder, are you really listening to me?

The best relationship currency we can gain today is extended eye-to-eye contact. It’s value has gone up as it’s become more rare, and makes you different in how you treat people. Want to do something really crazy? Make it a point that the next time you’re going fishing, hiking, out in the yard with your kids, or playing golf with your buddies, leave your phone behind. Once upon a time long, long ago, people would simply give others a heads-up as to where they’d be and an approximate time of return instead of a play-by-play on their GPS location.

For more good images on how smartphones can be ruining your life, go here.


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