Captain America gives us a reminder on principles when everyone says you’re wrong

When Marvel started putting out movies of different Avengers several years ago, setting up their big get-together in 2012, the one I was most excited about was probably the weakest individual movie. It didn’t mind, even if they’re stinkers I can be very forgiving of a movie if I’m a big enough fan of the franchise (see: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

For my first sleepover ever when I was a kid, my mom bought me a Captain America sleeping bag and he’s been my guy ever since. I liked the shield, the motorcycle, and the red, white, and blue uniform. He fought a guy whose head was a bare, red skull. So, when Captain America: The First Avenger came out I was locked in.

It may seem weird to choose Cap as your favorite when you have Thor’s lightning hammer, Iron Man’s suit, and Hulk’s … well, hulkishness, as options. But one characteristic about him that keeps coming up is the way he sticks to his principles. This was hinted at in Age of Ultron, when the group is gathered around a table seeing if they can pick up Thor’s hammer (the one that only those pure at heart or something like that are worthy to weld). Hulk had already tried in the first Avengers movie and couldn’t. In Ultron Iron Man, then Iron Man and War Machine, give it a try but nothing happens. When Cap gives it a go, there’s a moment where Thor gets a little concerned.

Like Cap, I sometimes feel like a throwback in today’s world. My beliefs and principles don’t seem to mesh with the culture, and come across as really weird. I’m a grown man and so don’t read comic books, but came across this exchange between Spiderman (another favorite of mine) and Cap on the site of blogger Marty Duren. Side note: Marty was a pastor in Buford, Ga., before joining LifeWay Christian Resources a few years ago. He writes regularly about Christianity and culture and puts out good stuff.

Although the conversation below is specifically about government, it can be taken to reflect any situation where we’re being told we’re wrong and our principles are out of whack. It’s a good reminder that you’re never truly standing alone when you’re standing for what you believe in.

Graphics from Imgur

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