Perhaps what we need …



Sometimes, you want to get rid of the noise around you.

Sometimes, it becomes a tad much.

But, the noise is going to be there. It will remain. You can take breaks, but not escape it entirely. In fact, you shouldn’t. Because without your voice, your position and sense of right and wrong, there’s no counterbalance to the other side. No opposition.

This noise can be fought with words, sure, and it will be. It can also be fought with being the man God called you to be. Loving your wife in a way that puts your own self-worth second and modeling strength of mind and spirit for your children. Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. It’s going to involve carving out time along with the Lord. Just you and the Creator.

Indications are that doing these things will make you seem weird – dangerous, even – in the eyes of others. So be it. We’re not citizens of this world. We belong to another.

As tough as challenging times can be, we need them. They make us take stock in our convictions and how we communicate them through action. It’s not enough to do so merely through words or in being a hollow presence in a chair on Sunday mornings, our minds somewhere else.

Today, engage the battle. Take steps to join the field, and welcome the noise.


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